HELECTOR is one of the leading companies in Southeast Europe, with expertise in the fields of waste management and power generation. With vertically integrated operation, HELECTOR is active in the whole spectrum of the Design, Construction and Operation of modern waste treatment plants, the production of alternative fuels and the utilisation of biomass.

Η ΗΛΕΚΤΩΡ εν συντομία

With operations in 7 countries, HELECTOR is the only Greek company which owns and applies state-of-the-art technologies in the field. Through its subsidiaries in Germany, it covers the full range of biological waste treatment applications, while participating together with other European companies in modern waste management systems.

At the same time, HELECTOR possesses significant expertise in the field of energy utilisation of landfill biogas, having to demonstrate among its achievements, the Study, Construction and the Operation for many years of Electricity Generation Power Units, such as the Fili Landfill which is one of the largest in the world, with a capacity 30 MW.

In addition, HELECTOR participates and supports numerous recycling at source initiatives.

Areas of expertise

  • The Integrated Waste Management System (IWMS) of Western Macedonia, which is at the same time the 1st Waste Management Public Private Partnership (PPP) in Greece
  • The construction of the largest Waste Treatment Plant in Europe (Sofia, Bulgaria) with a capacity of 410,000 tons per year
  • The Mechanical Biological Treatment Plant of Larnaca, in Cyprus, which constitutes the world’s first large-scale optical separation project for the recovery of recyclable from mixed waste, with a capacity of 190,000 tons per year
  • The operation of the Mechanical Recycling and Composting Waste (EMAK) in Liosia with a capacity of 300,000 tons per year
  • 13 Waste Treatment Units (MEAs) with a total capacity of more than 2.2 million tons per year
  • 16 anaerobic digestion plants (Germany) with a capacity> 240,000 tons per year
  • The only Incinerator of toxic waste in Greece > 12,000 tons per year
  • 2 Recycling Materials Sorting Centers (KDAY) with a total capacity of> 175,000 tons per year
  • The largest landfills in Greece and Cyprus with a capacity of > 100 million m3

€86,3 million

Turnover in 2018

700.000 Tons

of Waste managed annually

35 MWe

From the Utilisation of Biogas Energy

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