Contribution to Society

Contribution to Society

One key objective and a strategic priority for the Group is to operate responsibly vis-a-vis the Society where it operates, so as to enhance its positive impact and return value to it. A key concern of the Group in all its business activities is to create relationships of trust, solidarity and mutual respect with local communities where it operates.

In this context, it implements programmes intended to provide support to social groups in need, as well as actions promoting the cultural and social development of local communities, while raising awareness among employees.

Every year from the start of the economic crisis in Greece and until now, the Group focuses its social initiatives and actions on supporting vulnerable social groups. Actions included the provision of bare necessities, either directly or indirectly by teaming up, in the form of providing financial support, with reliable and recognised Non-profit Organisations, social structures (such as orphanages) and foundations.

Meanwhile, the Group has always stood by local communities, providing assistance in case of emergency, such as extreme weather conditions, snow-ploughing or repairing roads, and offering financial support to local associations, e.g. sports clubs, choir groups, cultural centres.

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