Responsible Policy towards our People

One of the main objectives and strategic priorities of ELLAKTOR Group is the protection, support and development of our human resources.

The Group’s employees are its driving force and most important comparative advantage. The success that ELLAKTOR and its subsidiaries have enjoyed at home and abroad is attributed to its people who contribute their knowledge, professionalism and dedication to offer high quality services to customers and associates.

The Group invests in the professional prosperity of its people and in shaping a good working environment, ensuring employees’ Health and Safety, training and development, equal opportunities and support of diversity.

Pursuing job satisfaction, prosperity and rewards for employees, as well as the creation of a working environment conducive to employees’ personal and professional development, the Group ensures the following with regard to its people:


  • Equal opportunities for all, avoiding any discrimination regarding gender, age, nationality, beliefs and physical ability.
  • Personnel selection using meritocracy-based and reliable methods.
  • Employee and customer personal data protection.
  • Employee assessments using meritocracy criteria and consistent with the principle of performance equality.
  • Continuous personnel training and adaptation to new technologies.
  • Emphasis on health, hygiene and safety in the workplace.
  • Policies intolerant towards violence in the workplace.
  • A responsible environmental attitude and compliance with environmental laws and regulations.
  • Informing personnel on any change that may ensue on how the Group and its subsidiaries operate, within a reasonable time depending on the complexity of actions that will need to be performed.
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