Strategy, vision, values and future targets

Strategy, vision, values and future targets

Our Vision 

With long experience and presence in 30 countries, ELLAKTOR is evolving into a modern and profitable Group, fully aligned with the principles of Corporate Governance and Sustainable Development.

Bringing experience together with state of the art technologies, ELLAKTOR always seeks to develop projects that are growth drivers and help improve quality of life for people all over the world. With a steadfast orientation towards the respect for and protection of the environment, supporting society and upgrading the economy, ELLAKTOR aims at becoming a dynamic and consistent player enhancing and disseminating sustainability and green growth on all levels.

Our Values

  • Ethics – Our conduct is ethical and promotes transparency and open communication
  • Innovation – We value agility, innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit
  • Respect – We respect diversity and promote equal opportunities in the workplace
  • Collaboration – We encourage teamwork, constructive collaboration and collective accountability
  • Safety – We commit to promoting a safe working environment
  • Social Responsibility – We acknowledge our environmental responsibility and act in ways that reduce the impact of our activities on the environment

Our Strategy

For years, ELLAKTOR has had a very active and substantial contribution to sustainable development, supporting the Greek economy, offering safe working conditions with fair pay, protecting the environment, sponsoring social activities and supporting our fellow human beings in need.

Today, we systematize our efforts in all these areas by increasing our economic, social and environmental footprint and by multiplying the value generated by our activity for all stakeholders.

  • We set clear objectives and priorities regarding the environment, society, the market and our employees.
  • Cautiously, we move from undertaking charity work to performing actual social responsibility and setting targets which will have a major positive impact on society
  • We plan our transition from an environmentally friendly operation to a strategic penetration into areas and technologies that can have a direct positive impact on the environment.
  • We evolve from being a responsible employer to being an organisation where human capital grows, prospers and advances at an individual and collective level.
  • We want to become catalysts of improvement for our suppliers across our supply chain.

Future Targets

In the framework of Sustainability, the Group has committed to the following targets, which are based on ELLAKTOR’s strategy for its employees, the local communities where it operates, the environment and the market:

Section Targets for 2019-2020
  • Update all Group HR procedures and policies
  • Create single HR KPIs and Reporting for all Group companies globally
  • Update the Onboarding – Induction system
  • Create a Learning Academy for Leadership Skills
  • Create a Structured Training Plan
  • Create an Assessment System
Society & Market
  • Develop new social actions with great impact on local communities where we operate
  • Record all requests and establish criteria for selecting the actions and programmes to be implemented in support of local needs, agencies and vulnerable groups
  • Support local communities where the Group operates by building infrastructure projects, providing financial assistance and donations
  • Introduce CSR criteria in the selection and evaluation process for major vendors
  • Commit to opting for local vendors where and when possible (if specific equipment, materials or services can be procured in Greece)
  • Create a Code of Ethics consistent with the Principles of the UN Global Compact
  • Minimise water pollution
  • Rational management of solid and liquid waste
  • Management of all kinds of special hazardous waste, preventing leaks and pollution
  • Keep noise levels below limits, throughout the duration of projects
  • Employee training/awareness


Our Commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals


The Group has adopted the United Nations 2030 Agenda, as such is represented by the 17 Sustainable Development Goals for 2030. Management has decided that the Company should actively contribute to their achievement by promoting the population’s well-being and security, protecting the environment and combating poverty.